Imauve’s “Endless” collection found inspiration in ancient Greek and Neoclassical sculpture and its formal atmosphere of balance and harmony. Especially on the naturalistic shapes, serene countenance, proportion and the gentle fabric draping that perceives the body underneath. The work of Daniel Arsham and his modern artistic language complements this concept and confounds expectations of space and form.


For the cold season, Imauve brings a collection inspired by summertime. The 27ºC average temperature of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, sets the caribbean pace for a collection ruled by colour. The liveliness of this city’s facades and balustrades is brought to the collection and challenges the typically neutral European winter wardrobe.
This collection explores the faded borders between seasons and proposes trans seasonal pieces that can be effortlessly styled together. Colour and stripes influences convey from handmade details by the Wayúu natives and artisanal vueltiao sombreros.
Suerte is joy, essence and Cartagena rhythm.

Photography: Ugo Camera/ModaLisboa | Styling: Beatriz Alves | Make up: Antónia Rosa Atelier | Hair: Pini with Toni&Guy | Sound design: Gonçalo Montenegro 

Birds of Paradise

Imauve’s debut at Lisbon Fashion Week

The collection was inspired by a cinematic work directed by Emir Kusturica "On the Milky Road", shot in Bosnia's countryside.
The colour scheme of this collection includes earth tones such as olive green, toasted yellow, light orange, punctuated by ecru, lilac and night blue as a reflection of the return to nature's fundamentals. Military details and rigid lines contrast with the smoothness of fluid silhouettes and transparency.
The fabrics are soft - silk, cotton, lyocell and cupro among them.
The movie's magic realism is materialised through the colourful hand-drawn bird pattern which represents human's constant quest for fulfilment.

Photography: Ugo Camera/ModaLisboa | Styling: Cláudia Barros | Make up: Antónia Rosa Atelier | Jewellery: Joana Mota Capitão | Sound design: Gonçalo Montenegro  


The connection between structure and ornament sets the starting point for Lotus collection, inspired in Art Nouveau movement, mostly in architecture and jewellery.
This influence is expressed through shapes that tie the rational aspect (structure) with the emotional (adornment), particularly over curved lines of leafs and flowers.
The embroidered lotus in the collection emerges as a symbol of purity and perseverance.
The materials are soft as stated on the brand's values (silk, cotton and wool blends).
As for the colour palette, it is delicate and understated. Hues of Prussian blue, pale pink, camel and off-white are highlighted by violet and jade, as the gemstones René Lalique used in his jewellery. 








 Photography: Rui de Oliveira | Model: Marianne Bittencourt - Karacter Agency | Hair & Make up: Alex Me | Art Direction: Beatriz Ramos

Debut Collection

IMAUVE's Debut Collection found its inspiration on the works of Frank Stella, renowned american painter and printmaker. Stella's influence can be seen on the geometric approach to all the designs, either through straight lines and polygon cut-outs or curved lines in which arcs, sometimes overlapping, produce full and half circles painted in rings of concentric color.
Frank Stella's work has a strong colour-oriented pictorial language, thus the colour palette for this collection is rich in bright colours: carmine, yellow, and mauve silk satin and orange cupro blend in with some more neutral hues such as beige, white, blush cotton and linen. 

 Photography: Rui de Oliveira | Model: Belinda Nieminen - Just Models | Hair & Make up: Alex Me | Art Direction: Beatriz Ramos
Special thanks: Galerias Municipais de Lisboa EGEAC

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